Saturday, February 28, 2015

Holyrood Chilly Dash

Today I am on top of the world, I am so excited about my time today.  We started out at Holyrood for their Chilly Dash. Thank you Ryan Lawlor for a great route to run on, very organized and very delicious soup and chili.  On a route I have never been, I must say it was picturesque.  With my buddy Wendy by my side she kept me up with a great pace and I finished with a time clock of 40:16 (5.16k)  but my app showed 37.89 ( 5K)
HOLY MOLEY I am so pumped. 

Walking into the community center all you could see was PRC colors so bright and shiny. :) The majority of that room was YELLOW AND BLACK . I went over to mingle with some of the ladies from Sister in Fitness great ladies :) 

Congratulations to Todd Ralph for his 3rd placement in the race.  Fantastic Todd!!!

Running this route blind was difficult as I wasn't sure where the kms were broken up.  I had my app going but it was in my pocket and I couldn't hear when she piped in to say... you are at such and such of km.  Once we got down to the main road I could see on the road that it was 3km, alright another 2 to go, I could visualize where I was on Topsail Pond and where the last 2 k was going to last me.  With the winding road and not seeing the finish line there were times that I had to walk briskly just to keep my heart and lungs out of my throat.  Wendy took me on a great pace and I appreciate every step and encouraging words to keep me moving along.... not far now Gina just around that corner.  As you see in the pic we crossed the line together.

I will definitely do that run again!!!

This is my last blog and I really enjoyed posting my experiences.  I hope you enjoyed them too.  Furthermore I will say this before I conclude.  For every member of PRC and future members of PRC  I will say that this group got your back, high fives, motivations, and experiences of a LTR, 5, 10, Half, Full, Triathlons and Iron Man. So if you want any advice about running, this is the group to ask.  Stay safe on the trails and roads, always strive for personal bests and be with the best friends you could ever hope for. 

Mother Hen :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Technology and the Road

What did the runners do before music players and running apps were strapped to their arms?  They probably enjoyed their surroundings without wondering did I do a great split then?  Did I hit a negative that time?  How many kms did I run so far?

Tonight I ran with the girls and Hunter ( our mascot) and I thought I would have time to set my app ready to go, well as soon as I stepped out of the car... come on Gina let's go.  I had a moment to switch on Map My Run and I was off...  got to the guard rail and I looked at my distance, my eyes were too frozen to gaze any further, so I paused my app while we had a small recoup before heading back. What really bugged me was that at sometime during the run back the app in my pocket decided to put itself on pause, when I got so far in I took it out of my pocket to see how close I was to 5K,  it was still on pause so I have no idea how my splits were after all.

Any one that runs with me know they can hear me coming behind them, if I am close enough.   Shelley once said  If Gina doesn't sound like that then you got something to worry about.  From the get go I have always found it difficult to get my breathing rhythm with my steps, tonight without my music in my ears I listened to my breathing  and I do struggle so I came up with a little counting 1........2........3........4..........1...... etc  and that way I was able to control my steps to my breathing I still continue to cough and spit and rocket my way to the end. 

Tonight I ran with a new pair of sneakers so I had a smaller challenge trying to level out my feet to a more fitted pair to the ill pair that I just graduated from.  I am like a snail leaving one home for the other wondering how they will feel for the long run.  I have never believed that I could ever spend so much on sneakers, mine were always the department store no name shoe that suited my needs.  I started off running with PRC with the Rocker Shoes  BAD BAD idea,  always find new shoes when starting out running, don't put on the pair that you had since last June beating around town, award your feet with proper running footwear.  Think of your sneakers as classy cars do you want to be seen and feel luxury like a Lincoln or a scuffed up holy pair of the scrap heap?  You will soon see how much it means to have paid the price. 

Come down to it having technology and not having technology I found that not having it I enjoyed my run  and concentrated what was going on around me than a robotic sound of the app telling me  1 km you have ran this km in 8.53 minutes per km. Your pace is this and your split was that.  The song I will have in my head will be the Sounds of Silence for my next run and leave Map My Run at home.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Tad Windy wasn't it? Snow N Ice in Paradise 2015

While I was running this morning I was wondering what to put in my blog today.  So much have come across my mind. HOLY WIND

First starting off I will say Thank you Craig Pike for again daring me to do this run, he's got this way with convincing me to go out of my comfort zone.  I was all ok to be a volunteer.  Out of my comfort zone.  We all do it  come out of our comfort zone we done it today and APPLAUD yourself for going against those horrible winds and cold temperatures.  I will wish for those winds this summer when it's too sticky to take another step.  Thanking our Volunteers for cheering us on and standing out in those elements.  Bless you all.

I arrived to the start line with my PRC family and I had two of my PRC brothers running with me  Andrew Power and Craig Pike, they were the cutest entourage I could ever hope for.. well Kiley too of course!!  They kept me on course and ready for the walks and pushing me to the finish line.  I believe Craig said  Oh Come On Gina you got 1 minute and 45 seconds left to meet the finish line under 40.... I got 38:50  Its' been way way way too long since I got under 40 and I would not have done that without them encouraging me to push, push and guide me safely around the slippery spots and out of danger of the traffic.  BLESS YOU BOTH. 

I reach the finish line and there are my Sole Mates are there to see me through the finish line.  My sisters.  Everyone high fives and pats on the back.  This was a hard one hey, the wind oh my the wind.  I have always love the wind it keeps the coolant in my radiator from keeping me from imploding.  Tanya had mentioned to me that she found it hard to breathe, she could only imagine how I was managing as I am a hard breather LOL. 

I didn't do too many runs this month as I was cross training in the gym but running today made me realize how much more work I have to do for the first run in April.   I am excited next week that Learn To Run will begin again.  More people to fall in love with the sport of running.  And I am almost positive they will fall in love with PRC too!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Run/ Snowshoeing

Many of PRC dressed in red today to venture out at the Running Room for a 5K.  Fun had by all. Congrats to Sole Mates and Andrew's Angels . 

There's no secret in knowing that I like....NO..... I LOVE SNOW.  So I had to go snowshoeing,  I am so glad that Madeline, Ron, Janice, Juanita decided to go.  Loving the trees laden down with snow,  we had a flock of ducks meet us on the way back hoping for a snack, unfortunately we were not carrying lunch.

I stand corrected on the statement I made with my shoe shoeing companions today I said "I will take the picture for your group"  Your Group?   Yes we all have our little running groups within PRC as each group has their pace and you have yours and I have mine. We are ALL PRC and it was lovely to chat with each of them and before I knew it we had our shoeing done.   Can't leave a run without having a selfies.. or a shoefie

I haven't had much of blogs about running as I am doing cross training for the winter to shake things up. There comes a time that the body is bored of its schedule and would like a little shaking going on. I am working on getting some weight off for an easier running when Lose Datt is over.

Paradise Running Club is.... you, her, him, us, them, we are of different ages, paces, family life, jobs, goals.  But we all have one thing in common,  The Love of Running.  Be safe while running out there, be reflective, be seen and "CARRRRRR" move in for the love of running.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Destination Runs

Todays Coffee Run was a chilly one All of us headed for the Industrial Park stop sign. Beauty day for a run.  The coffee chat was about destination runs.  Who, what, when, where and why?  Why?  we do these runs for many reasons some are wanting more out of their runs.  Many have moved on to the next step of their training.  Montreal, Blue Nose, Port Aux Basque.  Where are you going?  Chatting with Pam, Carol Ann, Andrew and Sue.  They gave me something to think about "Where am I" at this point of getting ready for these destination runs?  Discussion about when to fuel up, when to run and take breaks in between,  Wendy shared a link with me from Jeff Galloway on how he runs marathons,  he takes that one minute walk and still kills his time. 

Looking at schedules and times to share between running and my family.  Where do I place this 5 day training schedule with in work and sleep and I LOVE MY SLEEP.  Many of the PRC group have conquered half and full and was fulfilled with their awesome accomplishment.  Bravo

Todd spoke again at the AMG about intermixing with other runner. Next time when we meet at Coffee Matters let's find someone else to sit next instead of the group you always sit with.  Find out  a thing or two things that they can offer to your training or hint of one thing or other. I'll bet you will take something back for your next run. I found out some nice interesting notes from Carol Ann, Pam, Sue and Andrew.     

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

With a little help from my friends!!!

If there is one thing I can count on is the heart of each  member as we look out for one another.  This comes back to when I first started out running with PRC.  I had an injury and it all come to a stop when I hopped a puddle only to have my hip come to an abrupt standstill.  I hoped to keep running with Suzanne and Cathy but there was one point I could not put my foot to the ground.  I had to start limping back to the start.  The girls would not leave me, Cathy decided she would run back to the duck pond to get her car while Suzanne and I would limp towards her.  I wouldn't have made it back to my truck without the help of my friends :)  Fast forward to last June when we ran the 8K in Kelligrews boy was it hot hot hot and I am coming in for the last 200 meters and Tanya ran back to see how far I was, she ran with me up until we saw the rest of the girls ran up to meet us, Shelley handed me a bottle of water and they talked to me to the finish line. I couldn't get anything out and I was lucky to see as my eyes welled up with tears.   Each of them were urging me to gain some power and give me a big finish.  Then they all said in unison... Go Gina Go  Well you want to see a big girl run... That was me.  So with a help from my friends I continue to get this encouragement and inspiration to keep this body movin'.

Hypo Half & Cross Training

Hypothermic Half found 20 of our members hitting the roads and for some their first half marathon.  Congratulations to all who crossed the finish line with their PB and goals met.   Illness kept a couple home to recoup to hit the roads someday soon.  I stand at the corner watching all the members whiz by with their hands in the air and celebrating how well they are doing.  I watch in awe of their power and their determination and say one day that's going to be me.  I have it in my sights to do the Huffin Puffin Half in September.  Tonight a few of us decided to do something different and cross trained by doing Zumba ( don't laugh)  its a workout in all kinds of ways.  Ya shake what your momma gave ya.  We had fun and we burned some calories :)