Thursday, September 1, 2016

A lesson well ran!!

The Tely 10, the most hyped up run in St. John's for new runners and for veteran runners.  Well, for me and my girls it was a first for us and we felt it!!

Holy crap!! We just signed up for the Tely 10!! Time to start training we have 2 months left we got this!!! Lots of healthy eating, runs every night, peps talks on how we will finish!
Little did we know that it was something that we didn't expect no matter the training, let me start speaking for myself....

Morning of the Tely I was hyped!! I mean to the point of, and this IS too much information, being glued to the toilet with nerves, I mean all morning!!!! When we came upon the start line I held back tears, walking through the people to get where I needed to be.. Tears, when I heard them say go... Tears, it was an emotional morning, I was thinking, I'm here I made it I'm running the Tely!!!

It was hot, so hot that all my water went under my hat instead of in my mouth, and I was feeling great!!! The hype of the people on the sidelines with signs, and thinking about how proud I was of myself!!  I didn't beat my time but I know some tricks to beat it next year, no selfies, no texting and no turning around and going back during a race!

All was great and what everyone told me was true, the Tely 10 is like no other! But, nobody told me that after all of my adrenaline wore off I would loose everything! Meaning my mind would stop working, my legs would not move, my feet would scream at me "what the f*^k did you do that for?"
I wasn't aware that my whole personality would change for the next 4 weeks!!
And that's exactly what happened!! I stopped running, I stopped eating well, I stopped cross training. I always loved to run since I started, and I always will.  But my mind and body stopped trying and it was great!!! I got to relax and enjoy time with my boys and not concentrate on exercise and running all the time!

I am now back at it!! Not 110% but at least 90% and this means NewfieShells will be put on hold for more family time, I will enjoy my food, and  I am running again  starting last night lol,  2 weeks before the 5 and dime I may try and beat my 10KM PB but if I don't it's okay, there will be many more races and many more runs!
I am also signed up for my first 1/2 marathon, the Hypo half and I am so excited to be able to run it no matter my time (although I want to do it in 2 1/2 hours 🤗)

I'm so thankful for the Tely for teaching me that running is fabulous but don't let other things in life run past you as well, and for teaching me to keep running towards something bigger and better because you Can do it!!!

Lots of bling coming my way, and lots more lessons to be learned!