Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beginnings at PRC

My Beginning at PRC
Since I turned 40 each April I pledge to myself that I would lose the amount of weight according to my age...40, then 41, then 42  and so on.  This year again I pledge to do 45.

I have done this over and over and over again and again and again and again.  Am I sick of it?  NOPE  I am determined at some point to get to a goal that I am comfortable with.  And each year I work and work and work at it.

I think this is the largest I have ever been in my life, but I am a work in progress. I swore to myself that once I reached 50's that I am going to be stronger than I was in my 40's.

So in 2011 I started a journey that I had myself convinced that "I am not a runner"  you keep telling yourself that for years and it's simply not do able..... NEVER SAY NEVER as they say.

Give me a sign, give me a sign to tell me what is next to my weight loss journey???  At the stop sign next to coffee matters was a SIGN.   Paradise Running Club WANTS YOU!!!!!!  No... Paradise Running Club Figure 8 Race...   I told my husband that's what I am going to do join a running club... YOU he said YOU RUN????  Ooops now the dare is before me   YUP I am gonna join.  I got a few weeks before they start their fall session I will get started now...... OH DRY HEAVES,  Where are my lungs and my heart?

September 13, 2011 I started with the group Brian was my leader and he stayed with me all throughout my run, probably thought this lady is gonna collapse.  Thursday was day 2, Brian said to me... he didn't think I would show up.  Well I kept up with it, not because of the determination but because of the support and leadership and fellowship I had with the group.  We have become great running friends !!!!

New To Blogging

New to Blogging
I have been inspired by past blogs in hopes someday that I can write something that will inspire and motivate like the blogs I have read.  With a little coaching from Renee here I am.
When I meet up with PRC I get shivers not because it's cold but because I am amongst elite runners that have went leaps and bounds with their training, hoping one day I can keep my body intact to run as long and fast as my PRC family.  Yes family I know more about them and their families than I know about my own family. I set out with my spirit wanting to run hard and fast and more than just 5K tonight.  Once I get going with my sole mates they are off and they are faster than I.   They are down by Angels Road long before I am then I reach the three way stop I am alone but not for long I see the headlights turning around to come and check on me.  That's one thing I can count on with PRC is that there's always someone to come check on you.  No one is left behind.    Sincerely  Mother Hen