Saturday, April 23, 2016

Its amazing what a little guilt, peer pressure, and a monkey will do for ones mojo.  I was beginning to wonder if I was ever gonna get back on track again.  I guess your wondering what in the name of god I am talking about when I say monkey.....well let me introduce you to the newest member of my family, my Garmin monkey Hoe and yes its pronounced hoe.  See I was debating for a long time if I should get a running watch or not.  I mean if I did, that would mean I'm actually serious about all this running stuff.  Renee had a pretty cool one, and hers came with a pet monkey and the more exercise she did the more bananas he got and stayed happy and alive, his name was Todd.  Did I want to be responsible for killing a pet monkey?? not on your life.  BINGO challenge was on.  I debated long enough, and besides Lori also bought the watch and I didn't want to feel left out.  Shelly bought a new one as well but I don't think she's good with pets as she went with the Fitbit.  '
so the time came, I went online at Costco and ordered my brand spanking new Garmin Vivoactive and it would be scheduled to be delivered on the 21st, you guessed it, a day after the big storm.  So my watch was delayed and my monkey would be overdue.  So Friday comes and still no watch, Renee, Lori, Shelley and myself decided to go to jungle Jim's for supper.  I kept checking my email but no such luck on delivery.  Suppers over and still no email, we decide to go to tims next to jungle jims for tea, we had just sat down when the email came, BOOM, my pet monkey (watch) was delivered and waiting on my door step.  I told the girls about the email and they suggested we go and finish our tea at the house, knowing I've waited all week for this.  So we all left and I debated turning on the emergency lights but Renee didn't want to explain to a police officer if we had gotten pulled over that we were on our way cause I was gonna deliver a monkey.
We got to the house and there it was......the little box containing the most precious cargo.

Renee being the most eager just to find out the  name of my monkey decided to set my watch up .... and that's when we learned I would be running with a HOE from now on.  Hoe didn't actually come out of his box till this morning on the coffee run, at the same time I met my cute little hoe, Todd (Renee's monkey) had died ...... so now she has a new one, Liza !! where they come up with these names ill never know. 
But ya know I think this watch was just what I needed to get back on track, I had no intention on running this morning till the girls reminded me that hoe wouldn't come out of the box till I exercised.  This watch also connects to my fitness pal and map my run, so I've started again today tracking my calories, and making sure I've gotten my steps in.  Its all mind over matter you see,  I'm not gonna be the one to say I've killed my monkey, Renee and Marc already killed theirs so I want to be the one to keep mine alive.  The weight loss continues and the running just gets better. 
RIP Todd and welcome Liza and hoe
Thanks girls for being a part of the delivery !!
Paula and her hoe !!