Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Heroes amongst us

Wow!!!   June has flown by!!!   

 I’ve really enjoyed writing these blogs…..they force me to take time and reflect.

LOL…..could just write gibberish I suppose, but I try to make them somewhat insightful.

So tonight as I thought about my final post, I sat watching the sun set over beautiful Conception Bay and I was thankful. Thankful for the freedom’s we have and the beautiful country in which we live. Thankful for those who fought to ensure these freedoms.  Thankful for my wonderful father, who shared many “stories from overseas” with me before he passed away when I was just 19.

Dad was in the Royal Navy during WWII; he served on 5 different vessels and survived 4 torpedo attacks which scuttled the ship from beneath him. These are not the stories he told as they were much too painful to allow to the surface.

Instead, he told stories of heroism and lifelong friendships…..he never glorified war but conceded to its necessity at the time.

Tonight as I reflect on Canada Day and what it means, I’m reminded of the quiet hero’s amongst us every day.

They are the people who survive and flourish despite incredible personal pain, the people who through a smile or hug can change the course of someone’s day, and the people put their own lives before others in the name of work every day.

In our running world; they are the people along the roadside cheering for us on race day, they are the volunteers who stand in the cold or blistering heat to hand us a water bottle, they are people who come back and run the last KM with you when you think you’re never going to make it across the finish, they are our PRC family at the finish, and they are each and every one of you !

So as our running season gears up and we head out to enjoy the freedoms and beauty of our wonderful province, take the time to recognise the heroes amongst us. Some are obvious such as our peace keepers and emergency responders; others have a quieter presence, yet an enormous impact on our daily lives.

Friday, June 19, 2015

I am.....because you are.....

Hi folks,

Thanks for dropping by again!

This week I’d like to reflect a little on the meaning of “thanks”…..a word said by all of us …many times…every day….

“Thanks for holding the door.”  “Thanks for the lift.” “Thanks for making supper.”

When we say “thanks”; it’s our attempt to show gratitude for a good deed done on our behalf. Sometimes it’s trivial…..but there are also times, when “thanks” just doesn’t seem to be enough. It’s at those times when many of us will then resort to material things as a larger expression of our thanks….a gift card…flowers….a permanent plaque or picture mounted for all to see.

Many years ago (31 to be exact….sweet Lord where does the time go????); I entered MUN with the dream of becoming a Nurse. My dream fulfilled; I started work at our local children’s emergency department in 1989. I was young, eager, and ohhhhh so green. I set out to change the world but instead, the world changed me.

Over the years, I was thanked numerous times for the care I provided….each one held a special place in my heart….some more than others due to the nature of the child’s illness and my connection to the parents.

But it was one of our miracle kids who had survived Cancer that perhaps, said “thank-you” the most eloquently. Not to me, but a public tribute to her late oncologist who had been there for her from the time she was diagnosed until she was declared to be in remission. ‘Dr. Jack” as he was affectionately known to his kids, passed away several years ago from Cancer himself, and at his funeral; his brother read some messages that had been sent to the family. One of these was from the young lady mentioned above. It simply stated: “I am…because you were”

I am …..because you were….pretty profound, eh !

By now you’re probably thinking….what’s this got to do with running?

I’d like to change it a little to say….”I am….because you are”….

I am not home sitting on my sofa every night…..because you all are behind me in every step of my running journey.

I am not stopping before the finish line….because you are all there cheering me on and waiting for me to cross…..heck...some of you are even coming back and running the extra K’s with me to make sure I get across !!!

I am encouraged and empowered to continue on …..because you are all there to run with me along the way.

We are a running family…..because we each understand the importance of being there for each other….to run ….to laugh….and sometimes to pick each other up….and dust off along the way.

So yes my friends…….I am……because you are….

And I just wanted to say…..THANKS !!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's all about "da Pace"

This past Saturday, as I do on most Saturdays; I set out with a group of wonderful PRC ladies for our coffee run. In chatting the night before, it became apparent that a couple of my regular “pace mates” would not make the next day’s run. As I’m still trying to build back up from last year’s write off, I was a little concerned that I’d be left in the dust by the faster paced ladies in our little group; or worst still, feel that I was holding them back.

When we left CM at 0900 (intentionally late to accommodate a friend), we were pumped ! LOL so much so that we were caught Jay running across topsail Rd by Mayer Dan ! Chastised later at coffee…. Lesson learned !

We set off East on Topsail to run to Commonwealth and back to CM via trail for a total of 8K. On the longer runs of late, I’ve been doing 10/1 splits to build endurance. I kept with this strategy until we got to Commonwealth where I found myself with a renewed energy and sense of strength so I skipped the scheduled walk break. Suddenly, I realised….Holy S&%T !!!! I was keeping up with the “gazelles” of our little group …better yet; I was doing it without too much difficulty!

It was an amazing run with many laughs along the way as well as later at CM !

Later that evening and for all of the next day, I was involved in hosting a fundraising telethon for our local Children’s hospital. As I met and chatted with numerous people and took some special time to talk at length with the families of some of our “miracle kids”; I came to the realization that these families are challenged to keep pace every day. When all is well with their children, everyone cruises along at a comfortable pace to build endurance and keep steady state. But when things become unbalanced for whatever reason… illness with their child….a parent away for work commitments….the bar is raised and the pace quickens for those involved.

In both a run, or in our daily lives; we generally glide along at a comfortable pace until we are challenged. Once the challenge is issued, either voluntarily or by demand; we quicken our pace and pull it out at the end.

We may not be unscathed, but we will have learned a valuable lesson….. when the pace quickens, we rely on both competitors and supporters to challenge and cheer us on to keep going to reach our goal….whatever that goal may be.

So yes my friends; it’s all about “da Pace” ….but it’s the pace you choose to help you meet the challenge ahead…..ultimately at the end of the day…..the length of the road does not change and the same distance is covered by all who travel it.

What’s your pace?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Live, Love, and Laugh......Give it a go !!!

Hey folks,

Thanks for dropping by !!!

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks of blogging and sharing some thoughts / experiences with you. 

All feedback welcomed! Good, bad, or indifferent :)

From my very first run with PRC, I've felt welcomed, inspired and supported. 

2014 was injury plagued; starting with an auto accident in January which dealt me a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery and extensive Physio. It was October before I was cleared to run. I remember that Tuesday evening....a little nervous....20lb heavier (20 of the 50 I had lost prior to injury)....and slow as cold molasses running uphill ! But I ran... walked...crawled 5K...not alone but with the support and encouragement of a wonderful group of PRC friends.  

The runs got easier and the weight started to drop off. Fast forward 6 weeks....ankle roll on a trail run = small chip fracture. Sidelined again :( 

Throughout it all, PRC members were a constant person, though emails and text messages, and on Facebook. Thankfully, this year has been much better and I'm injury free. 

Last week after a long, busy day at work and some "discussion" with husband over his work commitments and upcoming travel requirements, I decided to head for a long run by myself for some "me time". I set off down Renne's River trail, looped the lake, and headed back up the trail. I found my self floundering and lonely on the way back; my day end frustrations had departed and it was just me and the trail. THE UP HILL TRAIL !!! I began to ponder that the trail back to the Janeway represented every up hill battle we each face in our daily lives and how much easier it is to grow and move forward when we have the support of those who truly care for us. 

Our PRC Family cares.....we LIVE, we LOVE, and we LAUGH on each run.....making our "uphills" both on the trail and at home so much easier !

Summer is coming (we continue to hold out hope !) and I'm so looking forward to our runs, races and social events. 

Live, love, and laugh....come out and see......Give it a go with PRC !!!