Sunday, May 31, 2015

The end…

It's the end of May already!!

Last weekend we saw PRC on the move!
PRC was represented at the ANE Mile Road Race which was a relatively short race, but I'm willing to bet, wasn't easy!
Chris Cox and Craig Pike placed 2nd & 3rd in their age group with times of 5:35 & 5:36, respectively, Keeley Cox, 2nd in her age group with 5:55, Jennifer Corcoran, 7:43 and Andrew Tobin, 8:15!! All ROCKSTARS in my book! I think I'll do this one next year too - once I heard there were finisher medals!!

Also, PRC was represented in Clarenville and joined the locals in the Power to Hope 5k fundraiser for cancer.  This was their second annual race and had double the entrants from last year. We were welcomed upon arrival as we stood out in our yellow & black!   It was a great time, and a great course with McDonalds donating breakfast at the finish!  We'll be back next year, Clarenville…possibly with more PRCers!

And last but definitely not least, we had our Graduation Rrun. Congratulations to all!  We can all relate to that milestone…the determination to get 'er done, and you guys rocked it!  It has to be noted that this event is the only run all the club members do the same route, at the same pace, finishing the same time!  Thank you to all volunteers to put this into motion and see it to the end. And thanks to the new club members who make it worth the work...

 ...see you on the trails, ROCKSTARS!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 24th

I'll refer to this weekend as Victoria Day...I have a hard enough time keeping track if the days of the month, let alone calling May 18th, May 24th!  Whatever...the start of marathon training is right around the corner, and Tely training has begun!

I was hoping for warmer weather.  Last Saturday morning were at the start of our favourite trail run to Skanky Tim's wearing what the forecast deemed appropriate, when we were detoured for jackets...because of the snow!  But we got 'er dun!  11k for most, but 16k for someone special who did LTR as a warm-up, then the trail! Susanne...

Sunday was a day of rest for me.  I did act as cheerleader at the Harbour Front 10k. There were 17 PRCers racing in rain and cold.  Congratulations to all! It's awesome at the finish line! Watching the first finishers 'fly' over the finish line at the speed of sound!  And the last few, at a much slower pace, with the stamina to endure the conditions for close to two hours! Gotta give credit!  Awards should be presented to everyone!  They are ROCKSTARS!

The conditions were a little better over the course of the week...the sun was shining...but the wind was has to get better, right? We have to remember last summer when the temp was close to 40°, how challenging the warmer weather can be. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…

This coming week I'm looking forward to more runs with a few ladies who have joined in with our pace group...Hannah, Sarah, Susan, and Sherry!  Welcome aboard ladies. The more the merrier!!

May the wind be at your back, the sun in your face, and friends by your side...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo

Hey PRC seems that May has brought some temperatures that will allow us to show off ankles...let's hope that Spring is finally here!

I've been volun-told I'm the May here story...

Why do I run?  Why do I continue to lace up when I'm not known for a phenomenal pace, winning medals, or any acknowledgement at all?  Why do I bounce out of bed on weekends when during the week I linger in the bunk?  I'm really good at complaining.  How the temperature could have been better, how much my blisters hurt or how hard the run felt.  Why?

I did LTR a couple of years ago (with SIF), which was an accomplishment for me. I had no confidence with this. I really had myself set up for failure.  The first night was 1&1's.  Wow. I actually did it...and survived. With wind in my sails, I couldn't wait for the next session. Or would this be short lived?  Success seemed so far out of reach. Failure was coming. I'm still waiting to fail.

I didn't continue with SIF, and without a run partner, the following year seen runs which were few and far between. I needed to have a reason to run. I decided to join PRC.

This decision brought on another fear. How would I compare to my new pace buddies?  Will I be able to keep up?  I struggled at first, but I was determined to fit. So I worked like a dog, barely breathing, and did it. I fit.

Now I look forward to meeting these people (who I wouldn't recognize if they were wearing cotton or denim), in the hot, cold, wind, rain or snow.  I know someone will show up. Giving me reason to get up on weekends or sign up for the 5k, Tely or marathon. I know they will be there to push me on and congratulate me at the finish line. They're my biggest supporters and biggest fans. I don't have the fear friends have taken it away from me.

I have much to be thankful for...thanks to PRC...

Tely training has's early in the schedule so I'm eager to do hills!  You'll see me Thursday evening doing repeats on Kinder with my friends!  Good luck to us all!