Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Make sure you run slow"

First off, I would like to reference this blog post where Shelley said she never wanted to run again and wanted to punch Pete Soucy in the face. Well, It looks like we are in training now for the USR half Marathon. My brain hurts just thinking about it. I thought I had until September for the Huffin Puffin Half.

I was thinking about running all day. I haven’t run all week. I had best intentions on running but my body didn’t want to move. At all. There was one morning I woke up at 5 am and I thought, wow, I can actually get up and go on the treadmill.  Well within time I talked myself out of it. I am really good at that!

So we finally all pile out of our vehicles tonight onto the Peter Barry Duff parking lot and proceed to set our watches for our run. By the time Shelley, Lori and I got to the end of the parking lot onto the road we met up with Madeline and Ron. Madeline was telling us that it is really slippery and to “make sure we run slow”. I busted out laughing, who is kidding? She knows me too well.

This was by far one of the scariest runs for me. I was so nervous that I was going to fall. I lost my footing a couple times going down Buckingham but was able to catch myself, which is good because I didn’t fall but bad because I always “tweek” my back.  I attempted to turn around and go home three times even before the three way stop. But then if I had stopped I would “say” I am going to home and going on the treadmill but we all know that is not happening.

It was also scary because I had to pee and during my whole run I was thinking that if I did fall I would probably pee in my pants. I was thinking of different scenarios in my head if I did fall and how far into the run I was, what I would actually do.  I told Shelley on the way back up Buckingham of my fear.  Her response was, “I have been binge watching my 600 lb life, I think I can handle if you pee in your pants.” No wonder we are friends.

“you ain’t cool unless you pee your pants” – Adam Sandler

I am happy to say I got back to my car safely and I will be asking Marc to buy me those yak track things for my birthday. And maybe a pack of depends. 

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