Sunday, January 22, 2017

I think my calves were laughing at me

One thing after the other, something always pops up or gets scheduled so I am not able to run. I guess that is called life. 

We started the biggest loser contest at work, even if I don’t win the money I am really hoping it will help me to lose my final 17 pounds.  But the money would be nice. Haha

One of my co workers has been trying to get me to go for walks during lunch break but I was able to make up excuses not to go because I don’t like the cold and I like to eat. Well, another coworker said, “bring in your sneakers we will walk the stairs on our break.” CRAP! How can I get out of that one??? I can’t! So I brought in my sneakers and we walked 248 stairs on our break. (We went up a couple more flights just for fun) It hurt. It hurt a lot.  The fact that I did Zumba the night before didn’t help either.

So we get ready and start walking. I look up. Holy F!

We get to the 10th Floor. Deadly. We are done. Got a selfie of me and the view. 

Then I hear my coworker say, “There are more stairs!” DEAR LORD NO!

So we make it up the rest of the stairs. 11 Floors. Who knew? Haha

When we finished my calves felt like jell-o. Every once in a while they would kinda shake. I think they were laughing at me.

Yesterday I actually got on the treadmill. Only for 30 minutes but at least I did it.

Training starts soon for the USR half that I am not sure if I agreed to or not. J

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  1. You agreed to it. I heard you. Or maybe I made that up. Either way, you are doing the USR half. :)