Sunday, January 15, 2017

I am going to run again. I promise!

This week has not been good for running. At all. I have a sore throat, sore neck, bad back, bad knee and absolutely no energy to run. I have attempted to get on the treadmill everyday but ended up in my bed asleep each time.  I do think I dreamt about running one night so that should count, right?

I did however get to a Zumba class which was so much fun.  My hip hop instructor Janelle teaches it every Wednesday night from 8-9 at Revolutions dance. Come out and try it!! 

I need to get out running more to get my weight loss goal quicker! HAHA I have about 52 pounds gone now and need about 17 more gone to hit my final weight loss goal. 

Well this blog was short. Here’s hoping I can get out for the group runs this week.

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