Wednesday, June 21, 2017

" We must have awful homes!"

You are probably wondering where I'm going with a title like that. Well, I have ran in some horrible running conditions from time to time. I won't ever tell you though that when I am sick with a cold that I got it from running outside in the rain, hail, snow, minus 20 temps etc. I don't blame running for anything EVER. I usually blame any pain or sickness on work! I Don't think my Husband believes me most of the time but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL 

Seeing as how we had a really bad winter and sprinter that we all thought would never end, I find this story quite fitting. I have to push myself out the door most week days when it's cold and raining or snowing (or both). Sometimes I just go back to my old faithful treadmill that is always there waiting for me. At least on the treadmill you don't need 3 layers of clothes and two pairs of gloves! On the weekends however running buddies help get me out the door. Everyone is counting on each other to show up so we can all get it done together. 

One run always comes to mind from a long while ago. I remember it was very cold that morning. It had lightly snowed the night before and the wind was also a little high which of course was blowing the snow around. Off I went to meet up with a few girls at Topsail Pond. It was my first time going there for a run. That morning it was the four of us: myself, Tara, Jennifer, and Diane. We were all bundled up kinda like that kid from the Christmas Story movie. As we ran we all chatted about different things. It kind of helps take your mind off the fact that you are running in the freezing cold! A car drove by us that morning and that's when Diane jokingly said, "People must think we have awful homes to be out running in this!" I think of her saying that almost every time I'm out in nasty weather. The people passing by probably do think we are a little insane, maybe they do think we have awful homes! Especially when we are out on days when your eyelashes and hair turn white! LOL 

So, here we are, the first day of summer! I'm very happy that the weather is finally turning nice again. It's so much easier to get out the door when the sun is shining. I had a lovely run down around the park and back this evening. There were so many people out enjoying the nice evening. People passing me tonight probably didn't think I had an awful home for a change. Actually, our homes are the most supportive, truth be told. My alarm clock goes off sometimes on Saturday and Sunday mornings earlier than when I have to work. So, guess who else gets to wake up at that hour on the days he could be sleeping longer. Not to mention mornings I have needed to be dropped off early for races because I have been nervous that I wouldn't get a parking spot. oh, and also understanding of how much time goes into training for races, especially Marathon training when the really long runs mean you are gone most of the morning. The list goes on and on but the support always remains the same... 

"We have the best homes!"

Tonia Kennedy 

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