Monday, March 27, 2017


For most of you , “PB” means personal best and something to always strive for.  It may mean that we hit our fastest pace or maybe our quickest time in a distance run . I am proud when I have a PB and like to share my accomplishment with others .
Except , for me ,”PB” has another meaning ....
When I read about the Tele10 predictions last year , someone said that 10 PRC members would have a PB at the tele10.  I thought this meant they would stop for a “pee break” so as I was running the tele10 , I passed a port a potty and saw a PRC t-shirt and though “there’s one” . Why someone would tell everyone if they had to pee puzzled me? I soon realized my mistake but every time I see PB, I chuckle . But the more I thought about it, what does one do for the OTHER “PB” ?

I found myself on a LTR run one evening last fall up at PBD Park and I really had to have a “PB” .  We were only about 2K into a 5K run and I wasn’t going to make it the whole way . ( I know some of you can all relate to this? ) It was very dark and we were on the long stretch by the pond so I hung in the back and scoped out the bushes along the road . I waited until I saw my chance and then ducked into the woods. Well it only took  seconds for someone to notice me missing . I heard my name being called out and saw the headlamps turn around and start running back towards me.  It was dark and I could see those dozen tiny lights bobbing in the dark- getting closer by the second!  Panic set in...this was NOT GOOD !  I managed to pop back out onto the road in time before the search lights descended on me in all my squatted glory but it was a close call. 
Runners guide to having a “PB- pee break”  (Guys don’t seem to have these same challenges, so this is geared mostly for the ladies )

 1.   Pee before you leave the house. (I know this may seem like a given but if you are rushing , it can be forgotten )
        2.    Don’t drink too much before you run.
        3.    IF you have to pee, it’s OK but tell your buddy .

Best of luck to you all achieving ALL your "PB's" this year !


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